This is one of the easiest area’s to get into as it has no entry barriers at all. Casting agents will consider anyone as TV extra no matter their height, size or look. As a TV extra you can expect to take part in anything from games shows, films, TV commercials and also starring in your favourite soap opera like Eastenders. Many successful models have been scouted through appearing as an TV extra.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get your face in the public eye. Whether you want to build a successful modelling career from it or you want to carve out a acting career either way becoming a TV extra gives you an opportunity to get noticed. But also allows you to mingle with your favourite stars. More importantly the demand for TV extra’s seems to be on the rise especially for big budget films who require hundreds of extra’s to take part which have dramatic scenes.

TV extra’s do make a good income. If you feel like this is something that would be of interest to you then sign up today and find out exactly what’s the best action plan to take in achieving this.

Becoming a female model is a Hugely rewarding job if successful for many reasons. Female models are always in demand and have a large variety of jobs that they can pick from within the industry. It is also highly competitive due to the amount of woman that wants to be a model. This means that you need to really have an eye-catching portfolio and look to be noticed in today’s market. If successful in this industry the sky is the limit in how much money and fame you can have.

Many models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have gone from being unknown models to worldwide superstars. This also seems to be happening for up and coming models such as Jordan Dunn who has featured in numerous magazine spreads to having appearances in Music videos for celebrities such as Beyoncé. Modelling can also kick-start other careers for you such as acting, TV presenting and many more alternative careers. It’s a great platform to gain recognition in the entertainment industry.

Being a female model is a very fulfilling job role if you have a real passion for it. If established you will travel to exotic locations all around the world and in most cases get the opportunity to receive a lot of designer clothing for free. What more can a woman want from a respected job role?

Whilst having the opportunity to earn thousands of pounds in the process. Join today to find out if you have what it takes.

Being a successful model is more than having the right looks. You need to the right attitude to go with it otherwise you will get nowhere in this industry. You’ll be expected to have a bubbly personality and to take good care of your body and face.

Modelling for man can be very competitive so you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. Becoming successful within this industry does not happen overnight. You will start off by having small jobs at first then gradually making a name for yourself will propel you into obtaining big jobs. Self-promotion will be a must if you are to have any success within this industry.

Male models will have more longevity in modelling than women. This is because of industries large appeal to have older looking men for campaigns. There is also a lot of demand for younger looking men for brands such as Top Shop and Nike. Male models will not have as much competition as female models but will still need a lot of self-promotion in order for them to become successful within the industry.

Male models will most definitely need to acquire a portfolio. This is what the clientele will look through when deciding whether or not you can deliver the look that they require for their campaign. If your unsuccessful in being accepted by a top agency that will fund your images then there are other routes which you can take on the path to success as a model.

One thing all male models must remember is that rejection is part of the game. If you can’t handle rejection modelling may not be for you. Nothing is guaranteed and you may not win the job for every casting that you attend. However to increase those chances of you getting those casting jobs one must be equipped with all the right tools.

It’s no secret that a lot of models miss out on work because they were ill prepared. The Studio Works will make sure that you have everything you ever need to be a successful model. We will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, as long as our advice is followed you stand a better opportunity. We will point you in the right direction and make sure that you are doing the type of modelling that best suits your looks and personality.

Whether that is commercial, promotional, fashion, editorial, plus many more area’s where here to guide you.

Applications made by parents for their children are accepted with us at The Studio Works. There is a lot of demand for child models especially within the commercial sector of the industry. Just think of advertisements made for Gap kids, Coca-cola and many more other companies. Every child you have seen on a TV advert or in a magazine is a child model of some sort and it pays well more importantly.

There are laws regarding child modelling in the UK and you should be aware of them. For your child to work they will require a license and they will be limited to a number of hours they can work. Parents or legal guardians legally have to accompany children to all shoots at all times.

If you think your child has the look and personality to make it as a model then sign up today and we will inform you on the best way to achieve your goals and make a successful child model.

There has been a huge increase in demand for plus size models over recent years. This is due to the needs for clothing brands to appeal to the real women with curves who buy their products. It’s a lot easier for a plus size woman to look at another plus size female modelling clothing that she can see herself wearing. Rather than someone who is quite slim.

This is where you come in. Think of big campaigns such as Dove women, Marks and Spencer and also commercial websites such as Simply Be all these brands have focused on obtaining plus size models to appeal to a lot of their customers. Plus-size models also find a lot of work through modelling lingerie for some of the top brands such as Bravissimo and Ann Summers who are the market leaders. They largely cater for the woman with a larger bust size.

Plus size models are confident in their own body, take care of themselves, have charisma and a model look. If you think this is something that you would like to be a part of please do sign up today and find out how you can become the next successful plus size model with the help of The Studio Works.

Commercial modelling is one of the most popular sectors of the modelling industry. Successful models can expect to gain profitable careers through gaining work in magazines, catalogues and advertisements. A lot of models do confirm that is it one of the most

A lot of models do confirm that is it one of the most consistent areas that they find work in.

The reason for this is because there is such a wide appeal for what clients are looking for when selecting a commercial model for their advertisements. Clients mainly look for normal looking everyday people. Whether it’s for product packaging, billboards or television adverts.

The overall demand for Commercial models is high and will always be as long as a product or brand needs promoting. Apart from having the commercial appearance clients look for a vibrant personality that can come across on camera. If you feel like this is something that would interest you sign up today to find out exactly how to become a commercial model.